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The Emergency Medicine Resident Podcast is dedicated to all things for and about the emergency medicine resident, and is a resource for emergency medicine educators. Our goal is to give you everything you need to succeed in residency and beyond, while giving educators a place to go for educational content.
Episode 24: What do I read, and how do I do it?

In Episode 24, EM Res vets Drs. Kaminstein and Kochert return with Dr. Becker to talk about how residents should approach reading medical research articles.  Do you need to read everything?  What should you read?  How do you do it?  All this and more in the first of a series on reading original research for residents.  

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Episode 23: What's the "Best" Residency?

In Episode 23, with the upcoming US EM residency interview season about to descend upon us all, I talk about a recent survey that claims to list the best EM residencies, why you should ignore it, what applicants should look for ina residency, and our duty as educators to find the right fit.  

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Episode 22: Do an H/P, But Don't Forget US

In Episode 22, I talk about why an article from KevinMD in April 2014 got it wrong regarding POC US, and what we should learn and take away from it.  

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Episode 21: You're Not Alone

In this mini-episode, I talk a bit about an incredibly interesting and I think important article published recently in the New York Times regarding resident suicide and depression.  The bottom line: If you feel like you need help, you're not alone.  

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Episode 20: COPD Part 2

Episode 20 is Part 2 of Dr. Kochert's lecture on COPD.  In Part 2, Dr. Kochert discusses the tough question regarding antibiotics in COPD exacerbations, smoking cessation in the ED, and finishes with a Q/A discussing some of the finer points of the lecture and managing COPD patients.  

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Episode 19: COPD Part 1

In Episode 19, Dr. Erik Kochert returns to the podcast to give a great talk on COPD.  There was so much good stuff, I decided to split this into two podcast episodes.  In Part 1, Dr. Kochert talks about GOLD, oxygen titration, inhaled therapies, steroids and NIPPV.  

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In Episode 18, we take a look at the ingestions and insertions - both accidental and not - that make their way into the GI tracts of your patients.  This is by no means a comprehensive review of all things toxicology that can affect the GI system.  Rather, we focus on ingestions, foreign bodies, and whether or not GI decontamination actually helps.  

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Episode 17: Important Topics in Emergency Ophthalmology

In this episode, Dan Kaminstein is back to talk emergency ophthalmology.  Dan talks with Dr. Emory Patterson, a community ophthalmologist from Athens Georgia.  Drs. Kaminstein and Patterson both did their residencies in EM and Ophthalmology at the Medical College of Georgia.  Just remember, vision, pupils, and pressure!

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New residents, attendings, and dogmalysis

There is a bunch out there in social media and FOAMed lately about "dogmalysis," or the idea that some of the things we do have no evidence base, and should not be done.  But new EM residents and new EM attendings may want to take some of this content with a grain of salt.  

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Episode 16: Are you sure you want that scan?

We have all answered that call from radiology or from our radiology techs.  In this episode, we talk about the myths and truths behind the use of oral contrast in the ED, ED imaging in pregnancy, and contrast induced nephropathy.  

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