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The Emergency Medicine Resident Podcast is dedicated to all things for and about the emergency medicine resident, and is a resource for emergency medicine educators. Our goal is to give you everything you need to succeed in residency and beyond, while giving educators a place to go for educational content.

In this podcast, I'm giving you an introduction to an exciting new FREE online emergency medicine board review resource,  This was developed by Jon from EMChatter and myself, along with help from across the EM blog/podcast world.  We're here to provide a 100% FREE, high yield resource to help you study for the Inservice, Qualifying and ConCert Emergency Medicine exams.  

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Episode 8: Critical Care with Weingart and Mallemat

I somehow tricked Scott Weingart and Haney Mallemat into sitting down and talking EM-Critical Care with me.  We go over Critical Care fellowships and answer your questions about EM/CC.  Should all residencies be four years?  Where do the experts see our specialty in 10 years?  Should we abandon the landmark technique for central line placement?  What about video versus direct laryngoscopy?  A ton of great stuff in just an hour of your time.  

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Tom Kehrl and I talk practical tips and tricks when it comes to emergency airway management.  By no means comprehensive, we go through the finer points of intubation we found between two residencies, two fellowships, and supervising resident intubations.  check out all the links in the show notes.  

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Episode 6: RUSH Part 3 - The Tank

You get it by now.  You're taking care of a crashing patient.  Finish up your RUSH exam by making sure the tank is full.  The final episode of the 3 part RUSH series.  

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It's no mystery, this patient has a PE.  But the real question is, how do you treat it?  Anticoagulation alone?  Do you give lytics?  We go through the evidence and discuss why you should be strongly considering lytics in your patients with submassive PE.  

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Your patient is crashing...again.  In part 2 of our 3 part series on the RUSH exam, we talk about the pump, or the cardiac portion of the RUSH exam.  

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Your patient is crashing, and you don't know why.  It could be hypovolemia, cardiogenic shock, PE, tamponade.  How do you make your way through this diagnostic dilemma? Grab the ultrasound machine and see for yourself!  In this first of three podcasts on the RUSH exam, Dr. Tom Kehrl gives you an intro to the exam, and Dr. Dan Kaminstein talks about the evaluation of "The Pipes."

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In this case conference, we look into the difference between EKG findings of early repolarization and STEMI, and find out why repeating EKG's is so important.  

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"I'm dizzy."  CC: dizziness.  We all LOVE to hear and read that.  I know.  I do too.  But this is an important problem and chief complaint to deal with, and you can get burned easily.  Weak and dizzy expert Dan Kaminstein talks you through the evaluation of Vertigo.  

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So it's a kidney stone is it?  Well maybe it is...or isn't.  Probably not, since I'm talking about it.  We talk about the differential diagnosis of flankpain, how to take your history and physical, and the importance of avoiding anchoring.  

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