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October 2019
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Tom Kehrl, MD, RDMS, is back and gives what I think is one of the better reviews of where we stand with IVC ultrasound. Listen for the how, the when, the why, and the why not. 

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As promised, I'll be releasing our US Course as podcast episodes so they are accessible everywhere.  In this episode, I discuss the basics of cardiac US for the EP. Remember, you can also find all of these lectures on the website at 

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As promised, I'll be releasing our US Course as podcast episodes so they are accessible everywhere.  Of course, we'll start with US 101. Dr. Kehrl gives you in my opinion the best review of the basic principles needed to start using US. Remember, you can also find all of these lectures on the website at 

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Episode 30: Sick or Not Sick?

The EM Res Podcast is back for a basic discussion of important principles in your approach to the emergency patient. Get a good H/P, ask the right questions, and avoid common pitfalls to help you figure out who is sick, and who is not. 

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Episode 29: US in Dyspnea - Part 2

In the second part of a two part episode, EM Chief Resident and resident US guru Jacob Avila (@UltrasoundMD) finishes his discussion of the use of US in undifferentiated dyspnea.  The possibilities are endless, but Dr. Avila shows you how to simplify your clinical decision making and make the right call.  

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Episode 28: US in Dyspnea - Part 1

In the first of a two part episode, EM Chief Resident and resident US guru Jacob Avila (@UltrasoundMD) discusses the use of US in undifferentiated dyspnea.  The possibilities are endless, but Dr. Avila shows you how to simplify your clinical decision making and make the right call.  

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In Part 2, Joseph Cruz (@CruzaderJC)presents his top 5 on shift momentum breakers for EM residents. Think about them ahead of time, so you can be ready when they show up on shift!

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Episode 26: Momentum Breakers, Part 1

In Epsiode 26, we have a new EM Resident contributors to the EM Res Podcast.  In Part one of a two part episode, Dr. Joseph Cruz of discusses 5 of his 10 ED shift momentum breakers.  

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Episode 25: Pediatric Appendicitis

In what two age groups is perforated appendicitis most common?  If you said the very young and the very old, you would be correct.  As we all know, the workup and diagnosis of appendicitis in kids can be extremely difficult.  So how do we tease out the right history and get to the correct conclusion? In this episode, we discuss many of the more difficult and important aspects of the workup for a child with possible appendicitis.

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Episode 24.5: "EBM is Crap"

While making episode 24, we had a little aside into the pitfalls of evidence based medicine.  Dr. Kaminstein makes his feelings known, and we talk about those feelings.  

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Episode 24: What do I read, and how do I do it?

In Episode 24, EM Res vets Drs. Kaminstein and Kochert return with Dr. Becker to talk about how residents should approach reading medical research articles.  Do you need to read everything?  What should you read?  How do you do it?  All this and more in the first of a series on reading original research for residents.  

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Episode 23: What's the "Best" Residency?

In Episode 23, with the upcoming US EM residency interview season about to descend upon us all, I talk about a recent survey that claims to list the best EM residencies, why you should ignore it, what applicants should look for ina residency, and our duty as educators to find the right fit.  

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Episode 22: Do an H/P, But Don't Forget US

In Episode 22, I talk about why an article from KevinMD in April 2014 got it wrong regarding POC US, and what we should learn and take away from it.  

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Episode 21: You're Not Alone

In this mini-episode, I talk a bit about an incredibly interesting and I think important article published recently in the New York Times regarding resident suicide and depression.  The bottom line: If you feel like you need help, you're not alone.  

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Episode 20: COPD Part 2

Episode 20 is Part 2 of Dr. Kochert's lecture on COPD.  In Part 2, Dr. Kochert discusses the tough question regarding antibiotics in COPD exacerbations, smoking cessation in the ED, and finishes with a Q/A discussing some of the finer points of the lecture and managing COPD patients.  

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Episode 19: COPD Part 1

In Episode 19, Dr. Erik Kochert returns to the podcast to give a great talk on COPD.  There was so much good stuff, I decided to split this into two podcast episodes.  In Part 1, Dr. Kochert talks about GOLD, oxygen titration, inhaled therapies, steroids and NIPPV.  

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In Episode 18, we take a look at the ingestions and insertions - both accidental and not - that make their way into the GI tracts of your patients.  This is by no means a comprehensive review of all things toxicology that can affect the GI system.  Rather, we focus on ingestions, foreign bodies, and whether or not GI decontamination actually helps.  

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Episode 17: Important Topics in Emergency Ophthalmology

In this episode, Dan Kaminstein is back to talk emergency ophthalmology.  Dan talks with Dr. Emory Patterson, a community ophthalmologist from Athens Georgia.  Drs. Kaminstein and Patterson both did their residencies in EM and Ophthalmology at the Medical College of Georgia.  Just remember, vision, pupils, and pressure!

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New residents, attendings, and dogmalysis

There is a bunch out there in social media and FOAMed lately about "dogmalysis," or the idea that some of the things we do have no evidence base, and should not be done.  But new EM residents and new EM attendings may want to take some of this content with a grain of salt.  

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Episode 16: Are you sure you want that scan?

We have all answered that call from radiology or from our radiology techs.  In this episode, we talk about the myths and truths behind the use of oral contrast in the ED, ED imaging in pregnancy, and contrast induced nephropathy.  

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As a graduate of 12 years of Catholic school, I learned about (and committed most of) the 7 deadly sins.  I spend much of my time now teaching residents ultrasound, and reviewing their images.  In the 7 major US categories (AAA, Biliary, Cardiac, FAST, OB, Renal, and Vascular Access), I have noticed there are common mistakes most novices make.  So what are these 7 Deadly US Sins, and how can we avoid them?

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Hypothetical scenario:  You think your patient needs something your attending does not, and it is not insignificant (ie, you want them admitted, more agressively resuscitated, etc).  How do you handle it?  What would you want your residents to do?  

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"Amateurs train until they succeed, professionals train until they fail."  -Chris Costa

In this episode, I discuss some lessons that I originally heard presented to military and law enforcement personnel in the setting of defense training.  All of these lessons can be translated to the Emergency Medicine Physician and Resident.  

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Did you know that female physicians still make less than their male counterparts?  Did you know that women comprise an alarmingly small number of EM department chairs?  Tintinalli may have written the book, but female physicians in Emergency Medicine (and medicine in general) still face a number of unique issues.  I talk with Dr. Kathleen Clem, Dr. Stephanie Abbuhl, and Dr. Esther Choo to discuss these issues, and what female physicians can do about it.  

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In this episode, I talk about a few topics that I have wanted to ramble about related to Ultrasound.  How much US is too much for the resident? Can you do "too much" ultrasound?  Is there a role for the FAST exam in stable trauma patients?  Is the US the new stethoscope, and is it just an extension of the physical exam?  Hear what I think.  

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What's that you say, Mr. Hot Potatovoice?  In this case conference, we talk about the presentation, diagnosis, and management of PTA in the ED.  Get your ultrasounds out again!

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Starting your residency in Emergency Medicine can be daunting, and sometimes there is just too much information to digest.  This is especially true in the world of FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education).  With so many blogs, websites, social media resources, and podcasts out there, where is a green EM resident to start?  With the help of the FOAMed community, I try to guide you to the right places to get your feet wet.  

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One of the ACGME core competencies is "Practice Based Learning and Improvement."  One of the best ways to do this is through patient follow up and self reflection.  In this case conference, I talk about how faollow up and self reflection have helped me, and why every resident should be doing this routinely.  

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In this episode, I talked Matt and Mike from the Ultrasound Podcast into coming on.  We go through US Fellowships for EM residents, resident US education, and hot button US topics.  Disclaimer: No fruit ninjas were harmed in the making of this episode.  

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In this podcast, I'm giving you an introduction to an exciting new FREE online emergency medicine board review resource,  This was developed by Jon from EMChatter and myself, along with help from across the EM blog/podcast world.  We're here to provide a 100% FREE, high yield resource to help you study for the Inservice, Qualifying and ConCert Emergency Medicine exams.  

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Episode 8: Critical Care with Weingart and Mallemat

I somehow tricked Scott Weingart and Haney Mallemat into sitting down and talking EM-Critical Care with me.  We go over Critical Care fellowships and answer your questions about EM/CC.  Should all residencies be four years?  Where do the experts see our specialty in 10 years?  Should we abandon the landmark technique for central line placement?  What about video versus direct laryngoscopy?  A ton of great stuff in just an hour of your time.  

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Tom Kehrl and I talk practical tips and tricks when it comes to emergency airway management.  By no means comprehensive, we go through the finer points of intubation we found between two residencies, two fellowships, and supervising resident intubations.  check out all the links in the show notes.  

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Episode 6: RUSH Part 3 - The Tank

You get it by now.  You're taking care of a crashing patient.  Finish up your RUSH exam by making sure the tank is full.  The final episode of the 3 part RUSH series.  

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It's no mystery, this patient has a PE.  But the real question is, how do you treat it?  Anticoagulation alone?  Do you give lytics?  We go through the evidence and discuss why you should be strongly considering lytics in your patients with submassive PE.  

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Your patient is crashing...again.  In part 2 of our 3 part series on the RUSH exam, we talk about the pump, or the cardiac portion of the RUSH exam.  

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Your patient is crashing, and you don't know why.  It could be hypovolemia, cardiogenic shock, PE, tamponade.  How do you make your way through this diagnostic dilemma? Grab the ultrasound machine and see for yourself!  In this first of three podcasts on the RUSH exam, Dr. Tom Kehrl gives you an intro to the exam, and Dr. Dan Kaminstein talks about the evaluation of "The Pipes."

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In this case conference, we look into the difference between EKG findings of early repolarization and STEMI, and find out why repeating EKG's is so important.  

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"I'm dizzy."  CC: dizziness.  We all LOVE to hear and read that.  I know.  I do too.  But this is an important problem and chief complaint to deal with, and you can get burned easily.  Weak and dizzy expert Dan Kaminstein talks you through the evaluation of Vertigo.  

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So it's a kidney stone is it?  Well maybe it is...or isn't.  Probably not, since I'm talking about it.  We talk about the differential diagnosis of flankpain, how to take your history and physical, and the importance of avoiding anchoring.  

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In episode 2, I talk with Dr. Erik Kochert to answer the age old question of why residents have to do research.  Trust me, it's not just to hurt you.  There's a method to the madness, and Dr. Kochert explains it all.  

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In Episode 1, we talk about secrets to success for our new interns and our recent graduates.  We also talk about The basics you need to read articles and understand what is meant by sensitivity, specificity, PPV and NPV.  Finally, a brief discussion of clinical decision rules.  Everyone loves to pimp about them, but be leery of them as well!

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